Politicians and politics today

There is a trend these days, a trend that spreads like wildfire within political circles. Writing a book about a politician. While they’re alive. And, for most of them, even though they have nothing exceptional to say. A boring, self-centred excuse for a politician invites us to read about her absolutely non-inspiring, non-visionary opinions. Just […]

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I stopped writing about a year ago. That was the moment when I decided that hey! I should probably write more. That obviously did not happen. A year of silence and when I sat back at my laptop and logged into my WordPress account tumbleweeds and stacks of trash were piling onto my account. Somewhat […]

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Places of memory: NorthSide Festival

2015-06-14 22.34.05

There is no summer before NorthSide festival. It’s a thing I’ve come to learn every year at the beginning of June, when my (then) city would prepare to host what has grown to be one of Denmark’s greenest festival. From sleep deprived nights, to chaotic shifts and amazing musical experiences, NorthSide festival has been the mark […]

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